Air Conditioning Policy and Procedures

鶹Ů is committed to accommodating qualified students with disabilities who may require the installation and use of an Air Conditioning (AC) unit in their on-campus residence hall assignment in accordance with the Fair Housing Act (FHA).

To receive approval to have a residence hall room with AC, the student must have a documented disability on file with Accessibility Resources and Services (ARS). To do so, the student needs to (1) submit an application, (2) provide supporting documentation, and (3) meet with ARS for an intake appointment. For more information on how to apply, please visit the Registration with ARS webpage.

The documentation submitted must show that an AC unit is medically necessary to afford the student an equal opportunity to use and enjoy on-campus housing. For more information on documentation requirements, please visit our documentation guidelines.

By requesting any housing accommodation, the student understands that their name will be shared with appropriate campus departments as necessary for them to perform their duties and implement the accommodation. No confidential information, such as specific disability, will be shared.


For new incoming students: If the request for housing accommodation is not received by June 15, 鶹Ů cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the individual’s accommodation needs during the first semester or term of occupancy.

For returning students: Housing accommodation requests must be received by ARS prior to room draw. The deadline for Fall 2024 is March 29, 2024. If requests are received after the established deadline, 鶹Ů cannot guarantee that it will be able to meet the accommodation needs during the semester or term in which the request is received.

Certain buildings have limitations as to where AC units can be safely installed in a room. Therefore, when an accommodation is granted for an air conditioner, the student will be assigned to a room where an AC unit has already been safely installed. The AC accommodation is met through either pre-installed AC window units or through a central AC system. Students will not be responsible for providing their own AC window unit. Students may not bring their own AC unit due to strain on the College electric grid and other infrastructure concerns.

If a student prefers a different room that does not have a pre-installed AC window unit or a central AC system, they have the right to decline the housing placement offered and not make use of their AC accommodation.

By declining the offered placement, the student understands they voluntarily chose to forego their housing AC accommodations and will participate in room draw. Furthermore, the student understands that by choosing their own room assignment for 2024-2025, the room may or may not meet their approved housing accommodations.

Updates to AC Policy Effective Fall 2024

After discussion with students, Facilities, and the Office of Accessibility Resources and Services, we have made changes to the AC accommodation policy beginning Fall 2024. Previously, students who submitted AC accommodations by the deadline were placed in either buildings with central AC or were required to purchase an air conditioner after placement. This led to inequities for students as well as logistical issues for HRL and Facilities staff. 

What’s the change in AC Housing Accommodations?

  • The AC unit Accommodation will now function like  Single Room accommodations.
  • Students approved for an A/C Housing Accommodation by the deadline (March 29, 2024) will be placed in a qualifying room, as spaces allow.
  • Per usual we will use some spaces in buildings that have central air conditioning to meet accommodations: Gibson, Mudd-Blaisdell, and, if admitted through application, Oldenborg Hall.
  • AC window units will be installed by 鶹Ů into selected rooms in designated buildings: Walker, Norton, Clark III, and Harwood Halls.
  • Students can then choose to confirm or deny their accommodation placement and participate in the selection phase of the Housing Selection process. 

What if...

  • … a student applies for an AC Housing Accommodation after the deadline?
  • … a student denies their placement, but then selects into a non-air conditioned building?
  • … AC approvals by the deadline exceed the number of AC supported spaces?
  • Answer: Students will select their rooms in Housing Selection, and then will be administratively offered qualifying spaces by HRL if and when they become available!

What are the benefits of this change for students?

  • AC units will be owned and serviced by 鶹Ů.
  • Approved rooms with AC units will not change. AC units will not need to be moved and stored.
  • AC units will be present upon Fall Move-in.
  • No more guesswork regarding window shape, any damage caused to rooms by AC units will be Pomona responsibility.

When will this change take effect?

  • This policy will start for the Fall 2024 Housing Selection and Housing Accommodation processes, which will occur February – April 2024.
  • All documentation and a completed Application for Services must be received via ARS by March 29th, 2024.
  • Students who submit documentation for an air conditioner AFTER the deadline will be placed in a non-suite AC space when they become available. Students may no longer bring or install their own air conditioner.

Will I need different Disability Documentation?

  • The process to apply for an AC Housing Accommodation via Accessibility Resources and Services does not change.
  • The documentation guidance to apply via Accessibility Resources and Services for an AC Housing Accommodation will not change.

What are my next steps if I want an AC Housing Accommodation for Fall 2024?

  • A reminder that Pomona Facilities has now approved Evaporative Coolers to be used without approval required. Standards for Evaporative Coolers are: a self-contained water source with a Maximum 120 volts and 300 watts.
  • Students requesting to be administratively placed in a room with Air Conditioning due to a disability accommodation are encouraged to apply for a Housing Accommodation with ARS in accordance with the Fall 2024 Housing Accommodation timeline – All documentation and a completed Application for Services must be received via ARS by March 29th, 2024.
  • Approved students will be placed into a qualifying room assignment, as spaces allow, before the Housing Selection Process.
  • Students can then choose to confirm this placement or deny their accommodation placement and participate in the selection phase of the Housing Selection process (Apply, Group & Search, Select).
  • AC Accommodations approved after March 29th, 2024 will only be offered an AC supported room as they become available.
  • Students seeking the A/C Housing Accommodation are encouraged to use the winter break to gather required documentation for their Application for Services in accordance with the ARS application timeline.