The Maintenance Department is responsible for daily maintenance operations and facility repairs. Preventative maintenance is an important component of the routine maintenance program, and consists of regularly scheduled inspections, and other tasks intended to prolong the life of various building components. Maintenance works with The Claremont Colleges Services (TCCS) and other contractors/vendors to perform repair and maintenance work.  In addition, Maintenance provides estimates and oversees Alterations Projects. The following are examples of maintenance calls:

Typical reasons to contact the Maintenance Office

  • Plumbing problems (e.g. leaks, clogged toilet and drains)
  • Electrical problems (e.g. lights out, no power to outlets)
  • Heating or cooling schedule for special events
  • Heating or Cooling issues (e.g. too hot or too cold, no air flow)
  • Smoke detectors buzzing or alarm panels beeping
  • Key/lock/door issues - (e.g. keys cut, locks not functioning, doors slamming)
  • Unsafe conditions - (e.g. windows/doors that don't lock, trip hazards)
  • Pest problems - (e.g. ants, bees, rats, dead animals, strays)
  • Window repairs (e.g. cranks, shades, blinds)
  • Vandalism
  • Alterations and misc. estimate requests
  • Estimates and execution of misc. non capital projects
  • Work Order billing discrepancies
  • Furniture repair/refinishing/reupholstering
  • Misc. items in restrooms (i.e. towel racks, hooks, shower doors, sinks)
  • Outdoor lighting concerns

Maintenance Requests:

Tel: (909) 621-8300

Hours:  8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday

Emergencies, After Hours, Weekends: Contact Campus Safety at (909) 607-2000