Trails End Ranch

Trails End Ranch is a 53 acre "ranch" located in Webb Canyon north of Claremont, California. It was built in 1916 to be used as a hunting lodge for employees of Southern California Edison. Future owners used it as a private residence. The property consists of a main house converted into retreat space and a barn used for academic field activities. The house has a large central courtyard on one side and a veranda on the other side overlooking the property.  Both spaces can be used for retreats.

Meeting and Event Rooms

The Library: Wood paneled with built-in bookcases and full windows on two sides.  The large oak table is set to seat 12 people with space around the sides of the room for an additional eight chairs. A built-in 55" LED TV with connections for your laptop is available.

The Great Room:  The central room to the house and the largest.  It is wood paneled and opens onto the central courtyard and veranda.  The centerpiece of the room is a river-rock fireplace and there are plenty of windows on the opposite wall.  Seating consists of two large oak tables seating up to 36 people.  There is ample space on the sides of the room for up to 10 extra chairs (Total of 46 people).  A built-in 80" LED TV with connections for your laptop is available.

The Sun Room: A bright space with windows looking out onto the property.  It is equipped with an oak table large enough for 12 people and some room on the sides for extra chairs.  A 55" LED TV with connections for your laptop is available.  There is ample room for a break service and a conversation area with leather easy chairs. 

The Club Room: A comfortable space decorated with a sofa and leather easy chairs.  It is very conveniently located off of the central courtyard.  The room is perfect for relaxing, conversation, breakout sessions, or a break service area. 

The Oak Room: Similar in size to the The Sunroom and The Library, the table will accommodate 12 people with room on the side for several extra chairs.  The room is also equipped with a 55" LED TV with connections for your laptop. 

All Meeting and Event Rooms are equipped with WiFi.  Although additional chairs and folding tables may be added to the rooms as space will allow, existing tables may not be removed from rooms or moved from room-to-room. 


Full-service catering is available for your event.  The Ranch House Menu offers a variety of meals and breaks for any kind of meeting or event.  The use of alcohol is discouraged.  Requests for this service will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 
Contact 鶹Ů Catering Office for quotes.  (909) 607-9281 

Please: No outside food or beverage on the property.

Accessing the Ranch

The property is in a remote location and has a narrow one-lane private road with a secured gate.  Access must be monitored carefully and adhere to the following:

  • 鶹Ů encourages carpooling as much as possible.
  • Groups totaling less than 15 guests will be required to contract for no more than six vehicles.
  • Groups totaling more than 15 guests, we will recommend a shuttle service to carpool up the road.
  • Due to road conditions, all events are required to end and the ranch vacated (including all cleanup) by sundown each day.

Driving Directions:

210 Freeway to Town Ave
North on Towne to Baseline Road turn left
Make a right onto Webb Canyon Road
Continue to the end of the road (.8 mile)
Keypad to Gate is on the left
Enter in Code Given
Go through  gate to the Ranch (1.6 miles)


There is parking near the “Field Station” up the hill on the left as you approach the compound and four parking spaces in front of the house on the left (building with the courtyard.

Download the Trails End Ranch Brochure [pdf]

Trails End Ranch Menu [pdf]

Please contact 鶹Ů Facilities and Campus Services for quotes. 

101 N. College Way
Claremont, CA 91711
Phone: (909) 607-2236
Fax: (909) 607-3937