Residential Themed Communities

In an effort to support and facilitate student development, Housing and Residence Life is committed to creating and administering Residential Education that will provide opportunities for residents to develop in a holistic way as members of the 鶹Ů Community and global citizens of society.

This is accomplished through the implementation of thoughtful programming and initiatives that support our Student Affairs Division Learning Outcomes. To further enhance the Residential Education experience, Housing and Residence Life has partnered with the Queer Resource Center and the Outdoor Education Center to launch two new residential themed communities!

A residential themed community is a group of residents who live in the same area of a hall who share common learning interests related to a specific theme. Residential themed communities create unique opportunities for students to learn and explore topics, engage in and build community with students who share similar interests. Residents in these communities participate in engaging learning events and activities related to the theme of the community. Please read the description and student expectations of the residential themed community before continuing with the application!


The Lavender Gender & Sexuality Themed Community

Partnership between Housing & Residence Life and the Queer Resource Center

The Lavender Gender & Sexuality Theme Community provides a living and learning environment to raise awareness and engage students around topics of gender, sexual/romantic orientation, sexual health, and social justice. This community creates a supportive space that welcomes and celebrates every intersection of a student’s identity. 

All students, regardless of identity or major, are invited to participate in the Residential Themed Community as topics of gender identity and sexual orientation are discussed in an inclusive, and supportive environment.

Roaming Together: Outdoor Adventure Themed Community

Partnership between Housing & Residence Life and the Outdoor Education Center

The Outdoor Adventure Residential Theme Community provides a living and learning environment for students in a community to engage and explore interests in various outdoor topics including recreation activities and skill-building, explore local outdoor opportunities, foster various outdoor interests, and discussions/engagement surrounding environmental conservation and sustainability. 

Outdoor Adventure allows students to explore various aspects of the outdoors at their own pace. All students, regardless of outdoor experience or major, are invited to participate in the Outdoor Themed Community.

Participant Requirements

  • Full year commitment
  • Live on a hall with the members of the Residential Themed community
    • A single-room administratively assigned in to community housing (will not need to participate in room selection)
  • Orientation Dinner
  • Attend 3 community partner events per semester
    • Complete Program Evaluation Form to reflect on each event
  • Actively participate in community discussions/ engagements