Room Change Process

Room Changes can occur throughout the academic year for a variety of reasons. Please read more below to understand the Room Change reasons, processes, and timelines for 鶹Ů.

Types of Room Changes

Pull-in Request

  • Open Space Notice - Suites and Rooms with open beds will be notified by HRL via email that open beds may be filled by Housing and Residence Life at any point, including for sudden emergency use. Suites and Rooms with open bed spaces may request to pull a qualifying student of their choice into that open bed. This request will be balanced with any other outstanding housing priorities (accommodations, waitlists, class qualifications, etc.) and is not promised. 
    • HRL Assigned - Open beds can be filled by Housing and Residence Life any time and cannot be held by roommates and suitemates. 
    • Pull-in Request - Suites and current roommates can make their pull-in request to Office of Housing and Residence Life with all current suitemates, roommates, and the requested student cc’d.
  • Move Notice -  HRL will notify the current roommates and suitemates that a new room/suitemate is approved for move-in via email.
  • Move Confirmation (see below)

Room Change Request

  • Request – Complete the Room Change Request Form, found on the home page of Residence.
  • Meet - A Residence Life Coordinator will schedule a meeting to discuss the situation, roommate agreements, matching profiles, and mediation strategies.
  • Explore - IF the Residence Life Coordinator approves, additional open spaces may be explored, using matching profiles collected in Residence. Room Exploration will only occur after the Room Freeze period has ended.
  • Room/Suitemate Move Notice – Once a new space is determined, Housing and Residence Life will notify any roommates and suitemates of the new space that a new student will be moving into the space.
  • Move Confirmation (see below)


  • HRL or DOS Staff can determine a room change is required or can be offered. This may be due to Title IX, new Housing Accommodation, Conduct, Facilities, On-Call, or related considerations.
  • Residence Hall Reassignment may be sanctioned or implemented as an interim measure through the Student Conduct Process.
  • HRL or DOS Staff will assign a new room and facilitate access via a key or Campus Safety.

Move Confirmation and Logistics

Step 1: Room Confirmation

  • HRL will provide a Room Change Confirmation in writing via email. A room change is not confirmed until this point.
  • Please review the move timeline detailed in the Confirmation email.

Step 2: Check-in and Key Pick-up

  • The new room key will be prepared for pick-up at the Housing and Residence Life Office (Smith Campus Center 132).
  • Perform Room Change, all items left behind will be discarded and financially charged.

Step 3: Check-out and Key Drop-off

  • Return the old room key to a Housing and Residence Life Key Dropbox. Keys not returned will result in a lock change financial charge.
  • You must complete an electronic Key Return Form before dropping your key in a key drop box. A QR code is available at each drop off box.
  • Dropbox Locations:
    • Residence Life Office - Smith Campus Center 132
    • Mudd-Blaisdell Residence Life Office
    • Wig Residence Life Coordinator Office
    • Walker Lounge
  • Prior roommates/suitmates will be notified regarding the open space for potential re-assignment or pull-ins.



  • Before Fall Semester – after the Housing Selection process concludes, Pull-in Requests and new Housing Accommodations for newly open spaces may be considered before move-in.
  • Before Spring Semester – all pull-in requests should be made during the Spring Housing process (facilitated in November). Please review Housing Selection information. 


  • Room Freeze - Room Change Requests and Pull-in Requests will not perform Room Exploration, Move Notice, and Move Confirmation steps until after 3 weeks after the first day of Classes in the Fall Semester and 2 weeks after the first day of Classes in the Spring Semester.


What are qualifications when exploring new room options?

  • HRL staff will review matching profile data as well as class considerations when offering new spaces. Students may update their matching profile information at any time on Residence.

Can I make my roommate move? I don’t want to move.

  • Students may initiate their room change requests for themselves and cannot force other students to move.
  • Students may be administratively moved as a sanction or interim measure through the Student Conduct Process (Student Affairs Committee, Student Code Administrators, Title IX, or via Judicial Council).