New Student Resources


  • Students can make accommodations through the Accessibility Resources & Services office by emailing
  • The housing accommodation deadline is June 15, 2023.

How does housing selection for new and transfer students work

  • New and transfer students will complete the housing application, which will provide us with information to make informed administrative roommate matches. Most of these placements will be done by the housing office, since most new students don’t know others, although, there is an option to select a roommate.

How To Select a Roommate

  • New and transfer students do have the opportunity to select a roommate if they wish to do so. On the housing system, once both individuals have completed the application, one student will go to the “Roommates” tab and enter the other student’s roommate code, which can be found at the top right corner of their “Roommates” tab. Then the roommate who was requested, must accept this request.

Meal Plan Information

  • All Pomona students living in College sponsored housing will be automatically enrolled in the ultimate meal plan with $200 board plus “flex” dollars.
  • Students approved to live off-campus will be required to be on the 10-meal plan with $100 board plus/"flex" dollars. Only a select number of students are approved to live off-campus, such as Rising fourth-year students, married students, students with children, students 24 years old or older when admitted to 鶹Ů.
  • Students will not be able to change their meal plan or opt to be off a meal plan. Any meals remaining on any meal plan at the end of the fall semester are forfeited. Any board plus “flex” dollars remaining at the end of the fall semester are also forfeited. There are no exemptions to participation in a required meal plan. If you have dietary concerns, you may email