Residence Life at 鶹Ů

鶹Ů isn't just a "college in a garden"--it's a primarily residential campus where you can live in residence halls nestled in that garden.

A testament to the quality of life on campus is that only 2-3% of students choose to live elsewhere. The scale and arrangement of Pomona's 14 residence halls encourage students to get to know each other. Ranging in size from 60 to 250 students, with an average of about 120 each, these coeducational residences are large enough to bring together students with a variety of interests and experiences, but small enough to allow residents to work as a cohesive group.

First-year students are divided into “sponsor groups” of 10 to 20 classmates who live in close proximity, along with their sophomore sponsors, who serve as informal organizers, guides and advisers. Resident advisers, usually seniors, live in each residence, serving as administrative liaisons and peer counselors, but each hall decides upon its own organizational, governing and planning structure.

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