What I have been doing? 



Wayfarer - Augmented reality navigation app


An Augmented Reality positioning platform for mobile devices that works as a wayfinding app for NYU students and visitors, allowing them to navigate more easily throughout campus to their classes and between buildings. This working prototype will provide a unique Augmented Reality experience. New students will be able to navigate indoors and outdoors on campus by viewing 3D models and labels that links the virtual world with the real one. 



Control group 2013

New York subway touchscreen wayfinding maps. The screens are basically huge interactive navigation centers, which serve real-time up information about how to get where you're going, and what (inevitable) service disruptions might get in the way.


User Experience/Interaction Design

 Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate Museum

control group 2014

Two-story Senate chamber, built with the help of a museum exhibit production firm. Visitors can sit at custom-built replicas of the 100 individual 19th-century mahogany senatorial desks and play senator. Using specially created software accessed on museum tablets, they can create would-be senatorial profiles, debate, cast votes, learn about past and current legislators and issues, and simulate the process of turning bills into laws. Elsewhere is a replica of Kennedy’s Senate office and space for 53-foot-wide interactive exhibitions projected onto the building’s interior walls.