Clubs and Organizations

Any list of organizations at 鶹Ů is only a snapshot. New interest groups and clubs are founded and funded frequently. Some, like The Student Life newspaper and Kappa Delta fraternity, have been around for decades. Others are new, founded when a student saw a need on campus.

Clubs and organizations are one of many ways The Claremont Colleges shine – with more than 8,000 students, you’ll be able to interact with a wide array of other 5C students based on your extracurricular interests.

And we’ll help you find your space: each fall, the 5C Turf Dinner gives new 5C students a chance to meet one another and explore some of these clubs and organizations, or you can visit our to browse organizations anytime. 

If you love:

  • Music: Join a Music Department ensemble, work at the  or audition for an a cappella group.
  • Celebrating culture: Explore one of our many affiliation organizations for ethnic, religious and political groups.
  • Helping: Start at the Draper Center for Community Partnerships, and look into clubs like Challah for Hunger, the American Red Cross, or Food Rescue.
  • Writing and Photography: Work for newspaper or look into the literary magazine scene.
  • Performing: In addition to Theatre Department productions, we have many student theatre productions, dance teams like The , and an improv club.
  • The Outdoors:  is one of the largest 5C clubs, sponsoring more than 150 outdoors trips each year to locations as far away as Utah. One favorite destination is Joshua Tree National Park.
  • Connecting: While the 5Cs don’t have a typical Greek system, we do have peer-led fraternal organizations that sponsor events that are open to all.
  • Deep Discussions: The Women’s Union hosts weekly talks, the  brings speakers to campus to debate current issues, and the Students of Color Alliance Symposium hosts roundtable discussions.
  • Sustainability: Tend your own plot at the Organic Farm, fix sustainable rides at Green Bikes, or get active with Pomona for Environmental Activism and Responsibility (PEAR).
  • Leading: Run for , look into leadership opportunities in organizations like The Student Life or the Pomona Student Union, or apply for positions like sponsor or Orientation Adventure leader.